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Perfect for a variety of applications, the Xzone Lures X-Tube offers anglers hand-made quality designed to out fish all other ordinary tubes on the market. Built with a large bulbous head and hand cut tails that allow the X-Tube to deliver a seductive action, the X-Tube is also made from top-grade super soft plastic, which creates thicker interior walls and makes it a great choice for dragging on the bottom with an internal jig head, flipping around matted vegetation or even nose hooking on a drop shot rig for tough conditions.

The X-Tube comes blended in a range of custom colors that are highly realistic, so anglers can accurately match the hatch, and it is also infused with a heavy dose of salt for extra flavor and to provide an enticing sink rate. Offered in multiple sizes to further its fish attracting capabilities, the Xzone Lures X-Tube is made for serious anglers who know that sometimes mass produced soft plastic tubes simply won’t cut it.

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