Live Bait

We carry a wide variety of live and frozen bait.

Year round we offer:

  • Live: fathead & golden roach minnows, Canadian nightcrawlers, jumbo red worms, nitro nightcrawlers, and wax worms.
  • Frozen: skipjack herring, shad, chicken liver, and shrimp.

Our seasonal bait includes:

  • Rosy Red minnows, suckers, crawfish, leeches, giant mealworms, crickets, spikes, and spawn sacks

Rod tips & reel lining service

Bring in your reels for new line from monofilament to lead core.

Broke your rod? We offer instore tip replacements and quide repair.

Tackle & Gear

As an angler, you need access to a diverse selection of gear. You’ll find a wide variety of options available here, so you can target specific species or explore new techniques. Our focus is on providing gear to help you catch more fish and achieve your angling goals. The hottest new gear is always available, along with the tried-and-true favorites that have been proven to work well. If it works locally or regionally, then chances are you will find it here.


Fishing can get very complicated, that's why we are here! Our staff members are more than happy to help you learn about new fishing concepts to get you confident in whatever species you are targeting!