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Signal for assistance or get the attention of a crowd in an emergency with the Eco Air Horn from Shoreline Marine. It features simple ph-button operation to let air out in a loud blare that can be heard at a distance of up to a mile. The pressurized canister holds 3.5 oz of air and generates 120 decibels. This Shoreline air horn meets CG specifications and is eful for marine sporting events as well as gatherings where there is a large crowd. It is suitable for e on boats up to 64' in length.

Shoreline Marine ECO Airhorn - 3.5oz:

  • Loud 120 decibel horn ensures you will be heard from up to a mile away. Ideal for safe boating in fog, rain and darkness.
  • Perfect for celebrations, football games, races and any other outdoor events where you need to be heard. Great size for personal safety for joggers, campers, hikers in bear country and any other situation when you need to be heard.
  • Compact and easy to store in any small compartment or in your pocket when navigating through heavy fog
  • Made with high quality non-corrosive components to survive the rigors of saltwater applications
  • Meets all . Coast Guard and NMMA standards to ensure you are compliant with legal requirements. Powered by a non-flammable aerosol for safe discharge in any situation.
  • Recommended for vessels up to 64' in length
  • eful for any marine sporting event
  • Easy ph-button operation
  • Shoreline marine air horn meets CG specifications
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