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Born from the harshest seas and the world’s toughest gamefish, the Nomad Design Swimtrex Lipless Crankbait boasts the same technology as it’s salty cousins and will outperform all other lipless crankbaits on the market. Featuring a patented AutoTune system, the Swimtrex Lipless Crankbait never rolls and tracks top dead center every single cast, which allows anglers to fish it at any speed, including extremely fast or slow. It is also shaped and balanced to create an ultra strong vibration on the retrieve, but when sinking on the pause it produces a super unique swimming and hunting action that is unlike any other lipless crankbait and will help trigger more bites.

Armed for battle, the Swimtrex Lipless Crankbait is made using a special formulation of High Density ABS plastic that is much more durable than plastics used in most production lures so you can fish through the heaviest of cover and target aggressive gamefish without any problems. It also features Triple Shield Protection, which provides three final coats of super tough clear resin for even more protection. Ready to fish right out of the box, the Nomad Design Swimtrex Lipless Crankbait is equipped with sticky sharp BKK treble hooks for unmatched hook ups and landing ratios.

Length Weight Class
Swimtrex Lipless Crankbait 66 2-1/2" 1/2oz Sinking
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