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Offering a new element of thought-driven design to the world of hollow bodied frogs, the Fish Lab Rattle Toads has a very unique feature not found in other competitors offerings. This hollow bodied frog has an oversized rattle chamber secured to the front of the hook which helps keep the Fish Lab Rattle Toad lying flat on the surface, and also makes it easier for bass to track the bait over thick mats.

With the Rattle Toad's ability to lay flat on the surface, open water walking is also easily achieved. It allows you to now “walk the slack in your line” rather than the bait, so you can keep it in the strike zone as long as possible. Its double hook was also designed to sit higher up the side of the body, which means the Fish Lab Rattle Toad has to compress less than standard frogs to expose the hook points. Available in three sizes and four fish catching colors, the Fish Lab Rattle Toad is a must have in your frog box.

Length Weight
2.25" 1/2oz
2.75" 3/4oz
3.5" 1-1/8oz
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