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Painstakingly designed by highly skilled Japanese engineers, the Evergreen Piccolo Crankbait delivers performance that has never been achieved by a small compact crankbait before. Starting with the body itself, the Evergreen Piccolo Crankbait is made from an ultra-durable material and features a rounded body shape without any unnecessary internal ribbing structure to increase the amount of air capacity, which creates sufficient buoyancy. An internal weight is also concentrated in the lowest part of the body and works together with the innovative shape to generate a low center of gravity, increase flight distance for longer casts, and produce a sharp, tight wobbling action, resulting in a strong vibration fish can’t resist. 

Moving to the bill, the Evergreen Piccolo Crankbait is molded with a precisely angled bill design that is shaped to eliminate air resistance for enhanced casting distance, as well as, provide a large amount of surface area to grasp the water and create a steep dive angle to maximize time in the strike zone. Armed with sticky sharp Japanese high-strength fluorine-coated treble hooks that deliver unsurpassed hooking performance, the Evergreen Piccolo Crankbait is the ultimate compact body crankbait for those times when you need a really small profile. 

Evergreen Length Weight Depth
Piccolo Crankbait 1-1/2" 1/4oz 4-5ft
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