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Designed to improve one of the most popular blade baits ever made, the Berkley Thin Fisher Blade Bait features the Original Johnson Thin Fisher compact shad-shaped body with upgraded cosmetic finishes and components. One of the noisiest vibration baits on the market, the Berkley Thin Fisher Blade Bait combines a built-in sonic rattle chamber, metal body, split rings, and hooks to attract predatory fish as it vibrates loudly through the water.

Equipped with an upgraded high-quality easy-change snap, the Thin Fisher Blade Bait has three tow points that deliver a variety of different actions whether you prefer vertical jigging or a cast and retrieve approach. The front tow point provides light vibration and is best used with high-speed retrieves, the middle tow point offers medium vibration ideal for most applications, and the rear tow point produces wide vibration for slow retrieves.

The original shad-shape design delivers an aggressive wobble and high side flash, that provides the best results when varying your retrieve speed from slow to fast and incorporating short hard rips to generate reaction bites. Complete with vibrant 3D eyes to provide a sizable bite target at deeper depths, the Berkley Thin Fisher Blade Bait is backed by Berkley Fusion19 black nickel treble hooks to help anglers convert bites from short-striking fish.

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