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The Berkley Krej is a revolutionary hard bait that is creating a new style of fishing called "Krejing." This lure defies conventional jerkbaiting, by working its way upwards in the water column, only to fall backwards towards its target. Designed to excel with Forward Facing Sonar, krejing allows the angler to take advantage of being able to see how the fish reacts and work the bait up and away from the fish better imitating a natural fleeing motion, or back towards the fish to trigger reaction strikes.

  • Unique ascending and darting action when worked
  • Backwards fall on pause
  • Combination of ascending action and back slide on the fall maximizes angler control and time in the strike zone
  • Can be fished sub-surface or topwater
  • Designed with Forward Facing Sonar in mind
  • Sinking
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