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The middle of the pack in the Finisher lineup, the Berkley Finisher 7 FFS Jerkbait redefines underwater visibility and precise control with Forward Facing Sonar (FFS) technology. The Finisher 7 combines the agility of glide baits with enhanced control and empowers anglers to tailor their presentation to fish behavior. Featuring a modern finless double-treble build paired with two sticky-sharp Berkley Fusion 19 treble hooks, the Finisher 7 overcomes the hook retention challenges of traditional glide baits. The weight-forward design ensures precise casts, a quick descent, and a diverse range of actions to entice even the most elusive fish. By using subtle wrist snaps, anglers can switch between a medium or longer glide, or employ harder strokes for extended darting and gliding actions. This sinking bait is built for versatility, allowing you to fish it like a glide bait, a sinking jerk bait, or effortlessly stroll it along the midwater column.

Built to excel in casting or vertical presentations, the Finisher 7 covers the water column in 3D—vertical, lateral, forwards, and backwards. The arc-shaped body, coupled with a flattened belly, creates a natural rolling swim action, and the flattened belly allows the bait to "hang" enticingly in the water column. Complete with an optimized pull point location for angler control, the perpendicular line-tie ensures a secure connection and maximizes time in the strike zone. Producing an unmatched, minnow-like tail swing on the fall, complemented by a captivating body quiver/shimmy, the Berkley Finisher 7 FFS Jerkbait is a pinnacle of modern hard bait innovation that will elevate your angling experience.

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