Lots of great fishing all around us!

Coho: Guys are still slamming Coho at the lake front, they are all pushed up shallow, and biting a variety of different baits. A jig and a wax worm has been producing very well, as well as spinners and grubs. 

Bass: A ton of bass being caught everywhere. Local ponds and lakes are starting to produce some good size bass. Crankbaits and other moving baits have been the ticket to catching some good size largemouth. Braidwood is also open and has been producing some good fish.

Catfish: Braidwood and LaSalle are open and have been producing tons of catfish. tons of good eater channel cats being caught at Braidwood's south end rock wall. and tons of big blue cats being caught on the north end. Skipjack has been the bait of choice.

Crappie: Most of the action has been south of us. Places like Rend lake, Shelbyville, and lake Carlyle have been producing giants. If you're looking local, there's a lot of numbers being caught, but size hasn't been the best.


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